Legal notes

The code published by members of the LUWRAIN Team is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License ver. 3. Any actions not violating the requirements of this license and not violating restrictions imposed on the name of the project are freely permitted and may be carried out without any prior permission. LUWRAIN distribution (especially in a form of bootable ISO-image) contains a bundle of various libraries and applications provided by various software projects. For any detailed information about their license agreements please refer to original packages, but Usually all of them permit free commercial and non-commercial usage. Any software, which prohibits free commercial and non-commercial usage, may not be shipped with LUWRAIN distribution, but we can consider publishing it on our website. Debug releases may have some exceptions providing components only for non-commercial purposes.

we would like to impose some restrictions on a name of our project. That is needed to prevent users confusion by builds from third-party developers. If you have proposed some changes to LUWRAIN core, you still may title your project as "LUWRAIN" in the case you keep the following conditions:

  1. You have to add some suffix to your release, making easy to understand that it isn't an official release
  2. More than 90% of source files remain untouched (meaning, there is a commit in the main Git repository with more than 90% of same files as in your custom version)
  3. LUWRAIN API remains untouched (meaning, nothing what is covered by Javadoc API documentation is changed)

Otherwise, you may not use LUWRAIN name any more and have to consider some another designation. The "LUWRAIN" trademark is applied for registration on the territory of Russian Federation.

Thank you!

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