Compiling our source code

We used to build LUWRAIN in GNU/Linux environment, although in general it's possible to get our jars zcompiled on any machine with installed JDK 1.8. In our base.git repository there is a set of bash-scripts to make compilation process simple and smooth. We know that these scripts work perfectly in Ubuntu, but for all other systems it's necessary to check explicitly whether they give the same result or not. Hopefully, they do, but we don't have any exact information on this. You can compile LUWRAIN on Microsoft Windows as well, but this will require you to create libraries directories manually, what in itself can be rather exhaustive.


In order to get LUWRAIN compiled and ready to launch, you should have on your machine the following software:

  • Java SE 1.8 or higher
  • bash
  • g++
  • ant
  • make
  • git
  • wget
  • unzip

Ant takes care about calling javac on all our Java files; bash executes compilation scripts; git fetches our source code to your computer and, finally, g++ and make are used for compilation of JNI-part.

Downloading the source code

First of all, you should clone the repository by this link:

  • ([]

The easiest way to do that is to run git command as follows:

git clone

After that, you should go to base/scripts directory and run the lwr-fetch script there:

cd base/scripts ./lwr-fetch

This script will take some time to fetch the entire LUWRAIN source code and all supplementary files to your machine. It also fetches some zip-archives with all third-party libraries and sound files, extracting them automatically.


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